About Us 
Delivering quality therapy through generations.
Dannex Limited is a wholly owned private limited liability company set up in May 1964 expressly for the purpose of manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical products.
Located in the hub of the capital city's industrial area, Dannex is recognized as an industrial leader in the manufacture of high quality pharmaceutical drugs and chemicals in Ghana. The company has over the years cultivated and nurtured a competent and dedicated workforce that prides itself in the manufacture of such high quality products. With a strong distribution network, Dannex has wholesalers, retailers, and distribution points in all ten regions of Ghana and also supplies to a few countries within the West African sub Region. This has yielded a very loyal customer base/brand loyalty over the years.



Dannex has a product range that includes tablets, capsules, liquids (syrups and suspensions), powders, ointments, chemicals (disinfectants) and veterinary products. Our products are quite well differentiated in content and image from the competition and it is the company's avowed aim to maintain or surpass this level.


In its quest to become a major player in the West Africa region and beyond, Dannex in 2014 and 2016 respectively, acquired majority shares in two industry giants, Starwin Products (71.33%) and Ayrton Drug Manufacturing Limited (53.47%). Both companies are listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange. Dannex intends to combine all three companies into one listed entity on the Ghana Stock Exchange. This would make the Dannex Group, the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Ghana. Dannex intends to leverage on the experience and governance structure acquired from the acquisition to create a formidable, successful and profitable global company.


Our core values are to ensure that Dannex meets global industry standards. All pharmaceutical drugs must be of the highest quality and affordable and accessible to all. Dannex aims to provide our clients with quality healthcare products manufactured under the required regulations, with the best raw materials and under the supervision of renowned experts. Dannex is committed to improving healthcare. We recognize our responsibility to invest in and support the communities we serve. We focus our involvement in the community in the country in which we operate, through a range of activities which enhance access to medicines and contribute to the wellbeing of the communities in which we live.